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Wendi Jeannin is my #WCW

Attention y’all I am back! With another…Woman Crush Wednesday. #BossBabe But really thought this babe used to be my boss! She is down to earth, handles busy like a champ, always on time, her hair always looks good (it’s kinda annoying) and she’s just an all around down to earth great person! Meet Wendi Jeannin with B&B Promotions. A lot of what I am doing right now…ya know marking this whole #BOSSBABE campaign. I learned from her….Actually most of my personal branding and marking skills I picked up while working along side her. Wendi was my boss…and a good one at that! I loved the time I spent working with her and truly loved what she did. She’s creative, witty and quick on her feet. Not to mention she was a blessing in disguise. Wendi hired me when I was…wait for it…7 months pregnant!!! Boy did she take care of me, she made me eat…(I hated packing my lunch to go to the office, so she was always fixing me up some leftovers) she excepted the fact that most days I was going to be late….(I was really sick in the mornings right up till having Easton) she made me drink A LOT of water….and she never made me slow down! Because I didn’t want to…she suggested it…but I ignored all of those suggestions haha. I worked till the day I had Easton, gladly because I loved what I was doing. This could be why he is so busy, but bouncing back for me was so easy! In fact me and the newest B&B employee Easton Ray showed up to work at three weeks old. I loved every minute of working for her! I think she loved it to…except for that time Flash (her dog) found one of Easton's diapers (oops) The point of me sharing all of this is to really highlight her character…SURE Wendi could have found a less pregnant, better with spelling…more timely candidate. But she chose me! So here we are…I can’t wait to highlight this #BOSSBABE

“Wendi Jeannin, owner and pioneer behind B&B Promotions. A Florida native and proud community supporter, she is dedicated and committed to the continued forward progress of her community. Wendi launched her firm in 2007 and provides an array of expertise to the areas of marketing, public relations, community outreach and government affairs. Her mission with B&B is to assist other businesses and government agencies to succeed and to continue to make Central Florida a wonderful place to live, work and play! Through time and contributions, Wendi invests within the community by serving on the board of directors for the McCormick Research Institute and the Kissimmee/Osceola County Chamber of Commerce’s Osceola Resort Area Council. She also volunteers and contributes to the Osceola County School Districts Book Mark Buddies and Business Partner Program, Silver Spurs Rodeo, Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show & Fair, Harmony Youth Football and St. Cloud Little League. In addition, she is a graduate of the 2004 Leadership Osceola Class. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their wonderful busy and very active twins, Blake and Bailee.”

Wendi is great at what she does, she values her clients and I love that about her. Its given me a different appreciation for mine. She has been in Marketing/Public Relations Industry for over 20 years. She basically is the greatest mentor I could have worked under to learn about personal branding. I loved seeing her approach on so many different situations and how she adapted so quickly when it came to her outlook to cater to the specific need of her client. Those are qualities as a young entrepreneur I try to keep in mind and implement in my own business.

I always love hearing how people got started…because I worked for Wendi I know the story but I think you’ll enjoy it. Wendi shared this Here’s how she got started

“I worked for Osceola County, at the Convention & Visitors Bureau, known today as Experience Kissimmee. My first five years of employment I worked in the Sales Department, I traveled the nation promoting the area as a visitors destination. I then transferred to the Public Relations Department and was the Community Relations Director for the next five years. I received a wide range of experience during that stretch, from marketing & planning community events, community outreach and crisis communications.”

I love watching Wendi in action, always with a smile on her face super professional normally in heels and always efficient! She told me her two most memorable events during her time there would have to be the opening of all of Osceola Heritage Park, from Ground Breaking – to – Ribbon Cutting ceremonies and the nationally known event, The Annual Great Outdoors and Lake Toho Pro-Am Fishing Tournament.

Those are pretty big events, that play a pretty segnifigent roll here in our community!

Her favorite thing about the industry…is really inspiring and so true!

“I love a good news story…being able to help showcase a positive story to my community is very uplifting and rewarding. There is too much negativity in today’s news, it’s so welcoming to hear, see or read a “happy” story!”

How true is that the world defiantly needs more love and people like Wendi sprinkling it around!

When I asked her a favorite quote she lived by she shared…

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. ~William Arthur Ward”

Funny, because I am pretty sure I have heard her say this to her kids a time or two! It’s so true, and actually really inspiring. You really can do the things you set your mind to, sometimes you just need someone to remind you.

Wendi’s motivation…motivated me! She said…“Being a positive influence to my children; Hard work and dedication comes from within.” Hard work does come in! I agree with that 100%! Being a positive influence for your children is key! Especially in the world we life in…more positivity the better!

I am thankful for Wendi in a lot of ways! She gave me one of the greatest things a mother can give another mother…the opportunity to be home with Easton the first year! But she taught me so much along the way too. It doesn’t really get better then that. She is motivated, ambitious, a great mom, and strong! I’ve known…well I should say Wendi has known me pretty much my whole life. She’s family! Thank you Wendi for being a positive influence in my life, pushing me and always having my back! Thankful for you and our friendship!

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