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My Forever, and always #1 #WCW my Mom Linda Davis

Meet Linda,

Well most of you may know this is my mom. Today I’m thankful for her, but she’s also my #WCW

At the end of 2019 I did a 2 month series based around woman. I chose people who were influential to me and my life and my community. My final woman was supposed to be my mom. However I could never wrap my head around the words I wanted to say. I’ve been holding on to these photos and waiting for the right time....

So today my mom is my woman crush Wednesday. If you know her....I’m sure you love her. She’s got the biggest personality, and a heart twice as big.

She’s my biggest cheerleader, and has encouraged me and made me feel loved my entire life. But she also made me tough, and taught me about having a good work ethic. Which is why I’m successful today.

So....where do I even begin. She’s lived the life. If you’ve ever had the chance to sit with my mom and hear stories of her life you know what I mean by this statement. She could have written a book by now....heck maybe even a movie.

My mom is a hard worker...she works circles around most people and hours. My mom has worked in the furniture industry far and long before I came into the picture. Some of you many know her from the auction days. In fact, my mom was the first woman in the state of Florida to get her auctioneer license.

As a little girl I can remember going shopping for a house with my mom when she got into short term rentals.

Along with those, I’ve watched her little shop grow over the years and keep up with the times (with the help of my sister, who’s her right hand man).

She amazes me everyday, and when I’m her age, I’m not sure I’ll be kicking it like she does. I mean I’ve legit watched her pick up a sofa by herself, load a truck, and get the impossible done.

Along with being strong physically, mentally I don’t know a stronger woman...My mom raised us all to be tough, independent and strong-willed (sorry Drew) and we are all just that. She surely didn’t raise us to be wimpy and that we are not. Unique in our own ways and all different, we all love the same. My mom’s given me 3 best friends, who I can go to for anything. The bond I have with my sisters is like no other and I can’t imagine life without them. I’m so thankful my mom taught us to always show up for one another.

I could also write a book about my mom. We laugh, we love and we cry. She has given and provided to me the best life that I am so grateful for. She’s taught me to have purpose. She’s pushed me. She’s been there for me and she’s been the great example of a hard working woman.

My mom is my #wcw today and everyday and I will always be thankful for who she is and who she has taught me to be.

Go follow the shop and visit my sister and her they are a dynamic duo for sure.

I’m excited to announce that next year I will be taking 5 nominees for #WCW’s. I can’t wait to share the info with you all.

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