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Franny McNutt is my #WCW

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Brace yourself this is a long one...but a goodie. So don’t skim.


Sometimes God gives you someone who serves multiple roles in your life. Sometimes this person is a family member and a friend. They might even be a family member, friend, and mentor. Maybe they are all that and a stylist, a social media manager, life coach, a laugh, sometimes an argument but most of the time a role model. I am lucky enough to have found all of these characteristics in one person. You might know her as Franny, but I know her as my big sister. Today she is my #WCW! Maybe she is your friend, maybe she coached your daughter in cheerleading or encouraged you to sign your son up for baseball, she might be on the boosters with you or at one time the PTA, or she’s done your Christmas card. Or maybe you just know her…. Franny is my oldest sister, and I am the youngest. Often times people are confused when they find out were actually related. Maybe it’s the age difference or maybe its because we look so much alike you can’t believe you didn’t connect us sooner…kidding she’s slightly tanner than me with a shade lighter hair….kidding again…but we are both tall…so shouldn’t that be enough? Franny and I are from the same tree, raised by one strong woman along with our sisters. I am proud to say we are all super close, we are all different but that doesn’t separate us. I am so proud of all of my sisters and you are going to learn about them all but today is Franny’s day (actually it’s my moms Happy Birthday mom…you gave birth to someone awesome she’s sharing your day with you woot woot Linda Davis) I have always looked up to Franny in so many ways from a young age. From her fashion tips…to her willingness to be involved and her brain. Franny has taken a huge part in helping shape me into the person I am. She has been one of my biggest cheerleaders and has pushed me always to be the best version of myself. She has made me confident and I hope that I have made her proud. So if you are one of the few who maybe doesn't know Franny this is your chance…


“I’m a wife, human mom of two, dog mom of one. I have worked my whole life to learn how to channel my ADD & huge imagination into something creative. Both have been a blessing and a curse at times in my life, trying to make it all work in my favor has been a lifelong process.I’m a people pleaser! I get the most gratification in life by giving gifts & doing things for people! My biggest gift is my time.I love to learn. In fact, my biggest disappointment in myself for many years was that I didn’t go to college. I felt God had given me a brain and that I wasn’t maximizing my fullest potential. It’s with age that I have learned that a degree doesn’t define me. God has sent me a rowboat, a motorboat & a helicopter.... he’s not going to let me drown. god/the-drowning-man I enjoy being with my family and my friends and in my spare time (which I don’t have a lot of) I’d most love to be laughing!”


It’s funny how we see ourselves compared to how people see us…I have always viewed Franny as one of the most successful people I know. She’s witty and so talented. But talented at so many things and involved. Because of that, I have always wanted to be good at things and not a thing…if you know what I mean and involved in all things. If you know Franny….you know how hard she can be on herself, but sometimes I think she sells herself short. SO let me add to that bio. She loves god, and he loves her! She is a designer….of graphics, houses, plants, and outfits!!! And not just a designer a visionary genius. If you know this fashionista you know what I mean! She is smart…and she knows a lot about a lot. She is a human mom to two college kids, both great athletes! She helps run FOUR family-owned business her own graphic company, Bull Bay Nursery, Central FL Fine Interiors, and Christmas Traditions Christmas Trees. She’s on the high school boosters and life long little leaguer. She volunteers all her free time which is why she doesn’t have much of it. She gives and gives and gives…and she laughs and smiles while doing it! Part of what makes her so great.

I asked her how long she has been doing what she has been doing…but she’s been doing a lot…so her answer genuinely made me laugh because I’ve been wondering how she would answer this question.....

“Hahahaha- which one? I started working with my mom in 2001 when I was pregnant with Marley. I had been working at night and knew that I was missing a lot of quality time with Jimmy & Jarrett. I was ready for a change & soon to be the mother of 2. I started a new journey helping people furnish their second home & run the family business. Fabrics, color schemes, and furniture design was my new norm. While still with her, in 2008, I bought a graphics business with a close friend. We lettered signs, vehicles, 50ft banners, sometimes not going home at night. I soon realized that side of the graphics business was not for me. But after countless hours at my computer, learning new programs, watching tutorials & encouragement from those closest to me, I grew to love the print side of it. In fact, I sit in front of my desk most nights until midnight doing some sort of it or another. While doing graphics at night, decorating by day... I decided my plate wasn’t full enough and jumped into the hubby’s nursery world! Learning plant names and landscape design styles soon found a way into my brain and my Pinterest boards. Oh, & did I mention that I like to volunteer & can’t tell people “No”.”

TRUE to all of that!!!

(The telling people no part for sure lol but again that’s what makes her Franny)


The question is what’s one of your favorite things about the industry that you are in? “The end result. Seeing a vision in my mind and watching the process transpire into the final product, room, design. And of course my 3 favorite F words...Fabrics, Fonts, and Fun (& fashion but that isn’t job-related)! I love the latest & greatest and a few classics too!”

I love the F In Franny. Duh! I also love Franny's brain…how could you not? I love her attention to detail for all of her business.

What’s a quote or saying you live by? “What goes around comes around!” Galatians 6:7 A lot of people call it’s about being self-aware of what you are putting out there!

I have always thought the word “karma” was so hard but always loved what goes around comes around. Franny couldn’t have said it better when she used the word aware…

I asked Franny what keeps her motivated and while it’s so easy to say our children, family, dreams, little do we realize what truly motivates us…

Franny said “I find motivation the same way I find inspiration. Around me!”

Everything that you surround yourself with should motivate you. Your family, your job, your daily routine, what you watch, and read. Everything that is around you like Franny said.

Franny, you motivate me!!


I often am told how great my sister Franny is…I always smile. Because I know! Growing up I didn’t realize how close we would one day be. Now I can’t imagine my life without her. She inspires me daily. Although we fight like sisters from time to time….at the end of the day we are sisters and no one can take or break that bond. I think that being a sister is one of my absolute favorite things in this world…it makes you proud, it makes you tough. Having a sister is having a best friend who has to be honest with you and forgive you. Franny is brave, she is kind and beautiful inside and out...and I say and mean that not just because she is my sister. But because of who she is. She is creative, and she is smart. We laugh and cry at the same things, and even when we don’t it doesn’t matter because we are from the same tree. Our tree is tall, it has many different branches and stems and it is strong…like out sisterhood!

Franny’s Shoot was Fun another F word. Haha!! We got to take photos of her at the nursery...doing graphics and in the furniture shop. All three of her elements.

If you liked what you read, please do three things

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