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Thank you

to some of my favs in the industry

for capturing my joy 

Aimee Junnila Photography

Ivon Neville

lillly yablonsky

this is my story 

this is my song

My name is Tihler Shay Browning-Franey. I am a simple small-town girl raised on sweet tea and Jesus. Lover of art, and finding beauty in the ordinary, my dog and my horse, the great outdoors, and all things water. I am an explorer and a risk-taker. My mom has called me a daredevil my entire life, I love to live fun. I am a mom to a little man and I live every day for his wild soul. I am a wife to the most amazing man aka my prop guy. I count my blessings twice every day. I love doing life with them, and they are my forever people. 

So now I want to know who you are? My goal with every session is to honestly not trip while taking your photos and to learn more about you then what side is your "good one". I want to capture you in the most innocent and natural form. I love candidate shots of laughs, not fake one's real belly ones. I love it when you can feel true emotion from an image. I want to catch raw, but bliss moments. I want to capture your joy!

That is when I feel that I have done my job.

I am a young photographer, 25 to be exact and I am excited to be apart of a world that is constantly growing, and I can continue to learn from. Since I turned 15 I have been pointing and snapping away. With each session, I grow and become more passionate about what I do. A good quality image does not come from a good camera. It comes from the calibration of myself and my clients working together to create a vision that will tell a story for years to come. No two sessions are the same, because no two people are the same. Let me bring to life your journey because today's moments are tomorrow's memories.  Taking the photo is simple.

Capturing the moment is the challenge

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