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Jeana Whaley is my #WCW

Raise your hand if you love clothes? (I am raising my hand right now) Raise your hand if you shop a lot? (Still got my hand up…but hoping my husband doesn’t actually read these post) Wave your hands in the air if you LOVE pretty rebellious and it’s your go-to for all your fashion needs! (dancing around over here)

My woman crush Wednesday is the fashionista herself AKA Jeana Whaley. Jeana is the owner of one of my fav little boutiques in town Pretty Rebellious. Jeana has been dressing me up since I was 16 and she opened her boutique at the corner of New York Ave, in 2011 when she was just 21 years old. I have watched her grow…and grow and grow in to a boutique that not only we all know about…but a boutique that has followers and shoppers all over the world. Talk about small town, big dreams!

Jeana is fun, a stop in her shop will leave you with a few things…a confidence booster. Jeana and her mom Darlene are my biggest cheerleaders and make sure they pick out everything in the store thats fitting for me (and always tell me I look skinny..thats my favorite part) A laugh, it’s not just shopping when you step in to PRB it’s a whole experience! I promise you won’t leave without a laugh. Lastly full bags…I don’t think I have ever dropped in and not walked out with the LARGE (not the small) white bag. My husband loves my quick stops at PRB.

I asked Jeana where it all began her answer has been my favorite so far

“Fashion and style are my life. While others were racing down the hallway to get to class, I treated them like they were my runways”

Is this her or is this SO her! I love this, my favorite thing is when people are passionate about what they do! It brings such a joy to your life!

Jeana told me this…

”I believe stye is so important, no matter what you are going to do. Whether it is clothing or home decor I love pushing the envelope and taking risks. Especially in a small town”

I have defiantly bought a few items from her shop, and thought to myself how am I going to pull this off. But to be honest I don’t know why I doubt her. Anything she sends me home people love….And I end up feeling so good in my skin!

When I asked Jeana what keeps her going and pushes her she said her mom. Her mom is constantly pushing her and encouraging her to be creative and explore her creative side. If you are an avid PRB shopper you know this is the truth. I love Darleen and her sense of humor, the shop wouldn’t be the same without her. She’s great!

I don’t just love Jeana because she’s fashionable, dresses me for every holiday and occasion in my life, is my friend and makes me laugh… But this girl is seriously a Go Getter! She is on it when it comes to staying on top of trends, branding, social media, and dedicating herself to her business. We could all take a reason or two from her. She is a hard worker, a girl boss for sure! She doesn’t just slide by and do the minimum she cares about her customers and she delivers what we all want. New items every week, great deals, and the best trends (and jeans) any girl could ask for! That’s what we all love about her and the boutique. I value not only her work ethic and strong drive but her dedication to her dream. I love that her idea has developed, grown and become such a statement in our town. Proud to be crushing on the original PRBABE!

If you have never shopped there….GO check it out!

I promise this #GirlBoss won’t disappoint!

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