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Favorite 2018 Love Story

A few things.

1) Happy New Years Eve y’all. Where did the year go!!

2) I thought I would try something new. This year I was surrounded by love. I photographed 14 weddings on my own through Tihler Shay Photography. (That may not seem like a lot to y’all. But I also took a new position this year working full time for another company. Not to mention girl got a 1 year old) I second shot more weddings then I can remember with one of my favorites (Gabby Girdner) and for a few other amazing artist in the industry. Not to mention attend 6 of my closest friends weddings and was a bridesmaid in 3 of them!! So let’s just say I got my fix! So back to my “something new”

3) I have enjoyed each every bride and groom I’ve encountered this year. Some were family. Some were friends of many years. Some were from out of state. Some I was just lucky enough to cross paths with. I have grown as a mom, wife, friend and business owner. I have leaned a lot, made some mistakes, but overall I have grown. I am blessed and god is good.

4) SO since I’m loving love. I am doing this right from my phone because I was excited. I pulled out a few of my FAV 2018 weddings and engagement sessions. Now I want YOU to vote. For you favorite love story. The newlyweds is soon to be’s with the most likes and ages will win a pretty special surprise prize....that will forever remind them of their love story.

So share like and post away.

1-Like Tihler Shay Photography

2- Like your favorite couples photo

3- Share it!

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Xoxo TSP

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