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Emilee Lanier is my #WCW

Every now and then you find a friend who not only pushes you but tells you how it is. Someone who’s honest and gives you tough love. I admire friendships like that. Well, this friend of mine might just be one of the youngest most successful business women I know. She’s a go getter. I’ve watched her work long days, dedicate herself and constantly challenge herself. Even though we’re in different industry’s I’m always learning from her. You might know her as Studio Emvy....But I know her as Emilee. She is a #BOSSBABE and kills what she does.

“Hello, my name is Emilee Lanier, Born and raised here in Osceola County. I am a mother to my VERY outgoing son Caydan, and I am getting married to my very supportive Fiancé Cody Pate, next year. I graduated from Paul Mitchell School, 7 almost 8 years ago, thats where it all began. I Recently opened up my dream, Salon Emvy. The salon is definitely my second baby, I personally designed every inch of the space. Lots of sweat and tears went into it.”

Being Emilee’s friend I know how true all of this is. To know Caydan, is to love him. Cody’s pretty great to. As far as the Salon…Everything there is perfect. It’s the coolest salon I’ve ever been in and I know how hard she worked for it. It’s an awesome feeling watching your friends succeed!

Emilee has Been doing hair for 8 years. And she’s made a pretty big name for herself around this town. But she’s also super talented. When I asked Emilee how she got started she told me.

“Well, I actually went to school to be a criminologist. Obviously that changed drastically. But growing up I was your typical girl. In the salon with my mom every couple weeks, me and all my friends loved to do each others hair ( I actually usually was the one making them do my hair and make up) didn't think about it until after high school whenever my best friend went to hair school and put the idea in my head. Wasn't until after I had my son did I realized that was what I truly wanted to do. I knew with that career path I was able to be the best mom I could be and give me that flexible schedule to allow me to be there for him since I was a single mom at the time. Little did I know whenever I would step foot in hair school, I would fall in love. It is my passion. my clients motivate me daily.””

I say it every post and I’ll say it again. It’s so good to love what you do. It makes my heart so happy seeing my friends in love with their career.

Emilee said this when I asked her what her favorite part of the industry was… “My favorite thing about this industry is the clients, I and truly so blessed with the clientele I have, I am their therapist, counselor, all of the above. I love that when a client sits in my chair I have the ability to make their confidence change drastically. I’ve had clients cry in my chair from being so happy and just by me investing a little bit more time to find out what they truly need done. The saying really is true by Coco Chanel “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

I have never heard a bad thing about Emilee, I’ve sat at her salon many times and never saw a client displeased. She values her job and what she does and because of that people value you her.

Emilee say’s “ if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

I’ve lived this year saying this! It is so true. I work, am a mom and a wife and sometimes getting these post done on Wednesdays is a challenge in itself. Hence why they come at all times of day. BUT I LOVE it when I get to highlight people who deserve it like Emilee.

I didn’t need to ask Emilee what motivates her but I did….No surprise she told me,

“My motivation for life, everyday, all the time…My son Caydan”

Caydan is a hoot, he makes me laugh and brings so much joy to so many peoples lives.

Emilee is a great mom…a strong mom! She motivates me. In times I’ve struggled she’s shed some light for me, in times when I’ve been naive she’s been honest with me. It’s so important to have friends like that.

If you know Emilee you know she hates attention, and well she is getting all the attention right now because she’s planning a wedding!!! So she was supportive when I asked her but not jumping for joy to have her photo taken! But she did it and I am so glad! She deserves all the attention. She is a hard working real GIRL BOSS! If you loved reading about her and love her work stop in to Salon Emvy…its booming with talented girls! But seriously you can’t go wrong with any of them! Thanks Emilee for getting in front of the camera…and smiling! I am so proud of you for killing EVERY day one client at a time! Thanks for pushing me all the time!

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