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Aimee Junnila is my #WCW

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Welcome back, and to my first official #womancrushwednesday post or should I say women crushing on women…AKA me crushing on hard working, talented, full of grit….Girl bosses!

I choose to highlight this lady first for the simple fact that she inspires me….All of these woman do. But she makes me want to be better! I remember being in middle school and high school and going to my oldest sisters myspace (now) facebook page and staring at her Christmas photos, then going to her friends pages and starting at their Christmas photos….Following up with stalking her photography page. I have watched her develop and change. She has been one of my biggest supporters always answering my questions, lending equipment, sharing ideas and giving advice. It’s a great feeling when you find someone with the same love as you who not only motivates you but challenges you to do more and do better….

With that being said I would like to introduce to you Aimee Junnila with Aimee Junnila Photography


“I’m Aimee Junnila, 46, married(19 years) to Jason Junnila and mom to Wyatt(18) and Jaxon(15). I was born and raised in Florida. Graduated from St. Cloud High School(‘92), then the University of Florida(‘96). I taught elementary school for 2 years, worked with my dad a few years in golf course construction and have worked with Jason at our fence company (Chapco) while also growing my photography business since then. I started photography about 15 years ago when my boys were little and I had constant subjects. I took my boys to Sears every month for pictures and finally decided after a few years I could do this myself. So I started experimenting with my kids and friends kids and whoever else would let me.”

Aimee has been taking my niece and nephew’s photos since they were about 2 and 5. I think Aimee took my photos for the first time when I was in Middle School. I remember feeling like I was the coolest kid when I updated my myspace profile photo. She made it fun and easy! Now she takes my sons photos. I love being able to capture Easton. But I love what Aimee captures in him when I am not around.

Check out some of my best moments captured by Aimee.

I asked her what her favorite thing about the industry was and I could not agree with her more when she say’s

“The creative outlet it continues to give me. It’s always progressing, changing and challenging everyone in it to do different ideas and concepts...To think outside of the box.”

I LOVE THIS! I love this because thats what this is all about. That is the beauty of the art, that everyone in the industry is so different. That doesn’t make anyone wrong…just makes all unique.

I asked Aimee a quote she lived by and she said…

“To each his own! It’s the only way to find peace with what others believe that is different from our own.”

I laughed a little because this is probably one of the simplest but truest things I have ever read. It goes to show just how easy life can be when we root for each other and ourselves even when we have different styles, ideas or lives.

It’s hard to stay motivated, in general. But even harder to motivate yourself when you run your own platform. We could all learn a thing or two from Aimee and how she has ran such a successful business over the last 15 years

”I find motivation in so many different places depending on the situation. From family to friends to books to social media, each has helped me strive to be better at different points in my life.”

I am so excited to share with you all a little but about who “Aimee Junnila Photography” is. She’s not just a photographer. She’s a wife, a mom, a daughter, friend, ARTIST, and so much more. I encourage you all to find someone with a common intrust as you who motivates you and be their fan, follow them, and lean from them. I have so many strong woman in my life who have taught me so much….I am happy to say Aimee is one of them! When I was probably 15 Aimee told me in my sister’s kitchen as she cleaned my view finder that

”It is not the camera that takes a good photo it is the person”.

I have lived by that since then. Thank you Aimee… for being Aimee!


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